Something that every company or brand needs, no matter what type of company it is, is a good marketing plan. Marketing is everything and it’s all about having your brand be as recognizable as possible and as memorable as possible for your customers and a good logo is only the begging, but a very important beginning none the less. Using a free logo maker software is the perfect way for you to design a logo on your own, regardless of whether you are have experience with the design process or not, but the challenge is choosing the right software to use. To help you with that decision, we have put a few of them together bellow.

Logo Foundry

Probably one of the best things about this software is the accessibility that it offers and that is because it allows you to design your perfect logo on your phone or tablet. The target group of this software are not only people that have experience with designing logos, but also people that have absolutely no experience which is great for beginners. When designing, you can choose between any of the 3000+ symbols and icons that are available as well as some great advanced text options. If you don’t know what you are looking for or where to start, you can get inspiration from the community of designers that the software has and you can even download another person’s logo and edit it within the app itself.


If you don’t want to waste any time and still have a great logo, then Logaster is the perfect free logo maker software for you since it allows you to design a logo in four simple steps. The first thing that you have to do is input your company’s name and the industry that it falls under and the software will generate you some concept examples for you to choose from. After you have chosen the concept, you can then change the logo’s color, the icons used or the text and after that your logo is done and you are ready to save it and download it.

Free Logo Design

This is another logo software that will allow you to create a great design in only a few steps. As was the case with the previous example, you have to input the name and industry of your company and the software will provide you with different templates that you can work with, or if you don’t want a template you can simply click the “start” button and start from scratch. However, the logo templates are very useful especially if you are a beginner and have no idea where to start, but as we said, you can also start on a blank slate and add shapes, text, colors and so on and design your logo that way.

Designing a logo can be a challenge, but that challenge can definitely be made a lot simpler when using a free logo maker software or generator like the ones we showed you above. Choose the right one for you and the one you think will provide you with the most appropriate logo for your brand and see how it makes your brand more recognizable.